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Welcome to the Alverdiscott and Huntshaw Parish Website .

Torridge District Council have promoted a move for it's Parishes to provide local access to local people within their own communities

The Parish Council have decided that a Parish website will be a useful means of communicating to the local community. We realise that not everyone has access to the internet so this site is designed to complement existing methods of communication not replace them. We are trying to make the site as useful as possible giving quick access to local services.

The annual flower show is on Saturday August 6th at Alverdiscott Parish Hall,Stony Cross. Come along an be amazed at what can be grown locally. Doors open to the public at 2:30 PM.
As mentioned on this site Connecting Devon and Somerset are offering vouchers to eligible households in the area. One of the alternate ways of receiving broadband is a satellite based system but it may not be suitable for everyone. David Thorne from Alverdiscott provided us with the following information.
As mentioned in the Local Rag Connecting Devon and Somerset have launched a voucher scheme the details of which can be found below. UPDATE 11th April**** We have been updated on the Newton Tracey 1 cabinet situation and have been told that BT have completed about 40% of the work and anticipate completion by the end of December 2016. This will be a FTTP solution which means that speeds will be much quicker than the FTTC solution they have installed for the other Newton Tracey cabinets. We are seeking further information about those properties covered by the upgraded Torrington cabinet where high speed broadband is not possible due to the length of copper wire runs. Please also note that if you choose a satellite system as offered on the Voucher Scheme it may be not suitable for interactive use such as games or Skype due to the time delays that are inherent with any space based system.